Monday, 4 August 2014

Custom inserts

Well Hello!

I was at a bit of a loss with what to talk about this week, as I don't have my Filofaxes properly set up as I'm spending all my time .... finalising my inserts! So I thought I would talk about some of the reasons I chose to custom make my own, instead of using ones that are available ready to go.

I knew pretty early on that I would probably be making my own inserts ... before I had even received my first Filofax, as before I heard about Filofaxes I was making my own inserts, and my own planners. I had a system that worked for me, and it seemed silly to try and fit that into another format, instead of continuing with my own.

It's hard to narrow down to the 'biggest' benefit of using my own inserts, as each seems to be important in its own way. So in no particular order ...

*I can play around with what works for me, printing only one or two weeks at a time - so no wasted money
*I can change something that doesn't work, no matter how small - no need to 'make it work'
*My ocd is happy as every single one of my inserts matches the other. I don't have to find a designer that can make everything I need, or make everything I need fit into one
*It's mine and my Filofax is truly unique
*I can make small, temporary additions and still have it match

I'm sure there was more ... but now that I go to sit down and list it, of course it has left me.

I'm going to post some photos now of my current week. Please bear in mind that I haven't yet started decorating, as I'm working like a super busy bee to be fully organised for next year ... so it will look really plain. I probably haven't filled in everything for the week yet either, but I haven't had a chance to sit down with my coffee, and I wanted this blog post up on time.

Also, because I know none of my stuff is good enough and up to scratch yet ... I just want to say that they are still a work in progress, and I'm actually toying with the idea of getting customised stamps instead of flags and scheduling stickers (not shown)

This is directly behind my month on two pages. It has my goals for the month, to keep them fresh in my mind ... and I don't know what to call the other, accountability? Will have no more than 7 each month (only four here) and as you can see I have both daily checking off, and specified times. I guess it is similar to how people use the DIYFish inserts?

This is the page that is open with the last. It may seem a little redundant to have 'stitch every day' here and also have it checked on the previous page ... but this is my "Challenge" so no spend/stitch every day/reach word count every day (Nano)/reach 8 glasses of water each day ...etc. So yes, there is a double up this month, and again in November. But this is my focus.

My standard week on two page layout. You can see I have flags ... I don't mind them, but they aren't available here and I don't like the idea of not being able to restock when I need to. Rowena has found someone who makes custom stamps, and from first look they seem great ... so I'm leaning towards using stamps for my scheduling rather than stickers or flags. I'm still debating if I want to colour code them with coloured ink, or having everything black. Leaning towards keeping my colour coding as it draws my eye.
I don't know how clear the photo is (sorry) but I hope you can also see that I have glasses lined up each and every day - not all for water - I have a colour code for water, coffee/tea, and other. I also have a little knife and fork under those, where I put the dinner for the night.

This I am SO EXCITED for!! It worked out without any mucking around, just the way I wanted it. I found that I didn't need a day per page, or anything more than week on two pages with my life the way it is at the moment ... for the most part. There were occasional days that were just nuts, that I needed to be able to schedule. I did create a 15 minute challenge that I can place in the week - but that's more for getting things done around the house, rather than keeping track of where I need to be at a certain time. Anyway, without further time wasting.

I have a small sheet that I have already prepped with double sided tape at the bottom, and pre-folded .... that I can put in on the day that is super crazy!! 

I think that's all I have to say for this week. I'm sure there is more, but there isn't anything I really want to show without having it 'complete'. I will be working as quickly as possible though, and hope to have my Filofax properly set up and decorated ... even if it isn't until January, I will start going through those set ups in October, at the latest!

Any questions, please let me know ... because I don't think I was too informative ...

Until next week ...
Cher xx

Well Hello!

I am really bad at 'about me' sections ... I'm a stay at home mum of two kids who are both in school this year, so I'm attempting to fill my time.

Cher xx