Saturday, 15 March 2014

Postponing Part 4

Well Hello!

Today was supposed to be my year in photos ... I spent the day out of the house though, the entire day ... so I didn't get the chance.

What a day it was! It started with an orthodontist appointment for Samuel, good news, he doesn't need a plate! He will need braces, eventually ... but not needing a plate has saved us quite a bit of money. I was supposed to have my physio appointment, but I accidentally double booked (I know, that's what the Filofax is supposed to avoid - but I didn't have March printed when I made orthodontist appointment) anyway, moving on.

I then went to hand in the 'working with vulnerable people form' so I can volunteer at the school ... I thought it would take ages, but I was in and out so quickly. The thing that took forever, finding a dvd wallet. I got the idea from a friend, to reduce the room the dvds take in the house. I wanted one that could hold the cover of the dvd as well, not just the disk. It took all day, but I found it!!! I'm actually excited to go through my collection now and fill it up.

That took me to the point of picking up the kids, where I went BACK to the shops, to get Elise's ears fixed. We had her ears pierced 3 months ago, but I could never get them to heal, I went in with the mind of getting different earrings, thinking that would help. Thankfully I asked the woman for her opinion, as the placed that pierced her ears did a horrible job. I was right in thinking the earrings were bad, and my poor little munchkin, are actually thinner than they should be. So the lady pretty much had to re-pierce her ears. She was so brave. We ran into a friend while there, so walked the shops for a bit, while we waited for David to catch the bus there ... then we picked up subway for dinner, and I had to go to work!!

Hopefully that sort of explains why 1. I didn't have Part 4 ready, and 2. This post is late and the 'next day'

I'll sign off now, and work on todays post, Part 4.

Until the next step ...

Well Hello!

I am really bad at 'about me' sections ... I'm a stay at home mum of two kids who are both in school this year, so I'm attempting to fill my time.

Cher xx